I believe we are all here as Educators and Learners

We help you find YOUR way so you
can help others find THEIR way too

Welcome to Lightworker Reflections

The law of attraction works and you’re here for a reason. What next? Check out if you feel you resonate, that’s the main thing. We are an ethical bunch and hope you feel a sense of unity with us as you explore what we are all about.

Free Digital Community Magazine

We aim to create a united holistic community without competition or focusing on a specific modality as ‘the one’.

This set of principles as the blue print of the magazine is designed from the get-go to raise the vibration of the reader and contributors alike.

Watch Michelle Lightworker's live streamed demo on our interactive mag with video, tv, films, music and more!

Lightworker Advocate Mag/Blog

Lightworker Advocate Magazine is a free digital community magazine.
This magazine aims to transcend traditional magazines by concentrating on 12 high frequency principles to raise the vibration of the whole planet. We call these the 12 Powerful Everyday Lightworker Principles.

Enlightened Conversations

Thanks so much for your interest in my new TV Show/Podcast Enlightened Conversations!
I believe that we can influence global change one conversation at a time. My whole vision is ‘we’ instead of ‘me’. I am interested in collaborators and leaders in unity oriented thinking. If you feel you resonate with this, then that’s a great start!

Lightworker Courses

Everyday Lightworker 101
In under 10 mins a day empowerment & enlightenment is yours.

Master Lightworker Practitioner Certification
2 year IICT approved online training

Being a Lightworker

People ask me if I am psychic. Yes, I am. However, I believe we all are.

That is our natural way of being.

Distractions, life, events and traumas get in the way of that fact. However, it does not go away – ever. It is always available to us.

My mission on this planet is to encourage everyone to believe that they are all Everyday Lightworkers.


Our beginners' course Everyday Lightworker 101 helps us tap into our abilities, and tune into higher vibrational frequencies to grow our soul and expand our Spirit.

The Masters of Lightworker Practitioner Certification takes it a step further to give us divinely guided tools and to assist us to find OUR way of being a Lightworker.

We are all unique, Spirit has put us together differently. We find our strengths, we support our weaknesses, we stretch and we evolve. We are trained up to the level to assist other Lightworkers help other Lightworkers!

We are in the BIG Spirit League folks!


From Our Graduates

"When I first enrolled in the Lightworker Practitioner Training, I never imagined how much my life would transform. The training has empowered me to find my own inner peace and happiness, things that I had spent most of my life searching for. I highly recommend this training for anyone and everyone, no matter where they are in their life's journey." ~Tess Gadenne

"At the time of starting this course, I knew I needed some direction, but it wasn't until I really started digging deep with all the information provided, that is when I really found the parts of me I was missing. You get what you put in, like most courses, but I feel the difference for me is that I didn't just stop the process of learning when I walked out the door and away from the facilitator, it is almost like the course becomes in syncronisation with your life. Read More ~Lori Fahy

"This training has transformed my life in so many ways that it's difficult to describe in words. Before I commenced Level One, I was tangled up in so much fear that it was holding me back from fulfilling my dreams. Now I am so much more connected to my True Self. The Lightworker Practitioner training is not just another spiritual development course, it helps you to evolve as a human being on this Earth and find your life purpose. " Read More ~Jade Banks

Enlightened Conversations Episode 16 with Michelle Lightworker & Guests: Tony Dowd & Werner Szendi

22 Feb 2017

Tony Dowd… Inspiring artist… Passionate about living in gratitude and capturing the beauty that exists in any place or moment . Tony has a specific connection to water which is evident in his activities of Surfing, swimming, snorkelling and Beach life, therefore no surprise that water is mostly the subject of his art. He wants…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 15 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Rosa Caraffa

15 Feb 2017

Rosa Carrafa’s says that her journey called life is not that different from yours. Names, places and culture are mostly the things that may alter. Rosa’s passion in life is going through every goal she sets and making them a reality. Rosa is an artist and Devotional Faith guide, a published author and a woman…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 14 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Scotty Ze

08 Feb 2017

Scotty Ze from Tribes United has been on the front cover of Lightworker Advocate Magazine in April 2016 (https://issuu.com/lightworkerreflecti…). He’s shared his journey of how he’s committed to his spiritual path and now he’s conducting amazing adventures across the globe encouraging people to do the same thing, to find the love within, connect with their…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 13 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Karen Andrews-Roberts

01 Feb 2017

Karen is a gifted Psychic Medium for the past 19 years and her business Lightfilled Women is encouraging enlightenment, coaching, mentoring and healing. It’s her gift to herself and others. It’s really her way of helping girls and woman reclaim the love that they are. The flow on effect is that men, fathers and brothers…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 12 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Michael Clarke

25 Jan 2017

Michael Clarke is a master communicator with mind, body and soul. Michael has spent 31 years mastering communication with humans, the universe and himself. After drowning at the age of 2 Michael felt connected and disconnected to reality and spirituality, however he has managed to build a bridge between the 2 and find true alignment.…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 11 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Tammie Pike

18 Jan 2017

Tammie lives in rural Queensland with her three beautiful children & a menagerie of animals. She loves animals, nature and adventure. But most of all she loves helping women reconnect to the radiance that lies within. Tammie’s journey with health & spirituality started in response to her children’s health issues. Their sensitivities to everyday food…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 10 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Raul Estevez

11 Jan 2017

Raul has more than 25 years experience as an International Educator, Psychic Healer and Angelic Messenger offering guidance, healing and mentorship worldwide. He is the Author of his first book ‘My Angels – Connections’ and soon to be released ‘My Little Angels Talk To Me’. Everything Raul does is guided with the best intentions. He…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 9 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Sammie T Baker

04 Jan 2017

Sammie is an International Psychic Medium. As an NLP Master Practitioner and counsellor Sammie is dedicated to helping people resolving their abuse, grief and sadness to gain a positive perspective. Her aim is to help others acknowledge what has happened and find a way to learn to live with even the worst scenarios, so that…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 8 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Kelly Kingston

21 Dec 2016

Now there are always a few people in the world who will make an ever-lasting impression on you and yes people come and go from our lives but when you meet Kelly, she will have a profound effect on you and what you think you know. Then as you listen closely, Kelly shows you her…

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Enlightened Conversations Episode 7 with Michelle Lightworker & Guest: Denton Ramsey

14 Dec 2016

Denton Ramsey is a 38-year-old lightworker who was recently led to start a podcast and website called “Channeling Changes: The Power of Positivity.” (The show’s site may be found online at http://channelingchanges.madewithopin….) Join Michelle & Denton in the live stream conversation Friday 16 December 2016 11.00am-12.00pm AEST on Michelle Lightworker’s public facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/michelleligh… [pdf-embedder url=”https://www.lightworkerreflections.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Vary-Your-View-Denton-Ramsey-by-Lightworker-Reflections-dot-com.pdf”]…

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