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Michelle Dowd (Lightworker)

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Mission Statement

Funding projects and organisations that are geared at raising the vibration of the planet in positive ways & resonate with the 12 Everyday Lightworker Principles: Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness, Forgiveness, Unity, Discipline, Faith, Responsibility, Love, Wholeness, Joy & Peace.


Description of Services


  • To provide scholarships and financial support towards education for individuals to enhance their ability to provide services towards humanitarian causes:
  • To provide funds/services to establish foundational frameworks and systems within organisations and for specific humanitarian projects:
  • To provide funds/services to assist humanitarian projects get to the next level utilising marketing, business & production resources.




12 Everyday Lightworker Principles - that were show cased at the Hay House World Summit in 2016 and that form the blueprint of her Lightworker Advocate magazine, business Lightworker Reflections, basis of 10 of Michelle Lightworker's books (to date) and ethics for her Master Lightworker Practitioner Certification program that is internally recognised by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists as its own modality and approved course.

The principles are: Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness, Forgiveness, Unity, Discipline, Faith, Responsibility, Love, Wholeness, Joy and Peace.



Summary of how this foundation has been called forth & Our Vision:

Founder Michelle Lightworker received guidance to start the Lightworker Foundation in 2011. With no funds to do this, she continued her work as an Enlightenment Activist, Educator, Author, Enlightened Conversations TV & Radio host, Editor of Lightworker Advocate Magazine and producer/director of Lightworker Reflections. She is now collaborating with many organisations to support lifting the planet's frequency through her private business Lightworker Reflections in conjunction with her life & business partner since 2007, Tony Dowd.

In 2017 Michelle Lightworker received guidance to move forward with the establishment of this foundation and thus it is in formation.

Once this foundation is registered, Michelle's show 'Enlightened Conversations' will be a major contributor to the Lightworker Foundation. In 4 short months it transformed from a TV program birthed by Michelle on 2 November 2016 to a broadcasting network spanning the globe with over 20 hosts and multilingual languages. With a goal to reach 1 million hosts by 2020 and Lightworker Reflections donating $1 from each new host registration, it is their goal to support the Lightworker Foundation to raise 1 million dollars (at least) in that time. They already have SOC Radio replaying encores of their shows & The Source Network on board to assist with production in different time zones.

Their vision is that the Lightworker Foundation will encourage hosts to sign up and spread the message of the power of 'Enlightening the planet one conversation at a time'. Thereby it will also start to generate funds for funding. Having the Lightworker Foundation in existence will literally open the doors for it to feed itself.



Our main contributors to setting up the Lightworker Foundation is Lightworker Reflections Pty Ltd through donating $1 for every new host that signs on as a Host for Enlightened Conversations.


If you would like to support Lightworker Reflections in setting up this foundation or making a financial contribution, please contact Michelle Lightworker +61433831946. All contributions go directly to setting up the Lightworker Foundation.

Until we officially registered, Lightworker Foundation is not able to receive donations directly. If you wish to wait until the charity is official, please contact Michelle Lightworker via  Lightworker Reflections so that she can contact you once it is finalised admin@lightworkerreflections.com